• Inner Challenge: Mental Wellness Program

    Inner Challenge: Taking The Mystery Out of Mental Wellness!!

    Most of us know more about Mental Illness than Mental Wellness! No wonder it’s so easy to feel like crap!  Join MJ Murray Vachon LCSW, as she integrates learnings from more than  43,000 hours as a therapist and 25 years as a Mental Wellness Educator on her just released Inner Challenge Podcast. In Season 1 MJ helps you feel better simply through understanding what Mental Wellness is and introducing some skills sets that cost nothing and can be easily integrated into your day.  Check out the beautiful one pagers that visualize each episode and listen to the podcast under the Inner Challenge tab @mjmurrayvachon.com or Spotify.

    Unique. This customized mental wellness and character development program cultivates deep learning about self, others, and relationships.
    Tested. In over 20-25 years , more than 2500 participants have experienced Inner Challenge. Inner Challenge has been part of the curriculum at St. Joseph Junior High and the University of Notre Dame for Freshman Football Players. Businesses such as Anthony Travel, Holy Cross College and St. Mary’s College have used it to train employees. Parenting workshops have been offered by Oaklawn Community Mental Health Center as well as schools and churches. The Inner Challenge Podcast now allows individuals access to this same information!
    Flexible. Inner Challenge has more than 90 Mental Wellness modules that can be customized for your group or organization. In-person, on-line program or Train the Trainer options are available for ages 12-100! Send MJ an email at mj@mjmurrayvachon.com